About Us

What sets apHarmony apart?

  • 1
    Research & Engineering Background
    We combine a strong academic research and engineering background with practical industry experience
  • 2
    Design & Build Approach
    Our proven Design & Build prototyping approach to software development helps ensure customer satisfaction and long-term ROI
  • 3
    Rapid Application Development
    We implement rapid application development tools and platforms, where possible, to significantly reduce development cost
  • 4
    Fixed Price Quote
    We provide a fixed price quote to ensure the project remains within scope and achieves requirements
For a free project evaluation, please call 630-855-7522.

Primary Industries

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    Discrete manufacturing & PLM
  • 2
    Patient & Practice Management, Regulatory Compliance
  • 3
    Clinical Trials Software & Support
  • 4
    Retail & Consumer Sales
    CRM, Lead Management, and Operations Support
  • 5
    Transportation & Distribution
    Warehousing, Logistics, and LOB Systems
  • 6
    Technology & Electronics
    Embedded Applications & IoT Development


  • 1
    Line of Business Applications
    End-to-end systems designed to organize business processes and improve productivity
  • 2
    Big Data & Analytics
    Leveraging large-scale data processing for analysis and insight
  • 3
    Mobile Apps / RIA
    Creating new sales channels and enabling real-time communication and collaboration.
  • 4
    Augmented Reality / 3D Graphics
    Interactive, immersive 3D environments enabling next-generation sales and training software
  • 5
    Machine Learning
    Artification intelligence applications, from voice recognition to manufacturing optimization
  • 6
    Internet of Things & Embedded
    Leveraging low-cost networked sensors and hardware for advanced optimization and analytics

Development Process

  • Our team consists of highly qualified business analysts, database designers and software development specialists, who, by working in close collaboration with customer subject matter experts, provide our clients with superior software products.
  • The project begins with a design phase to outline key areas of system functionality, create a full database schema, and discuss solutions to any potential business process or implementation challenges. Before development begins, project stakeholders will have a clear understanding of system functionality and deliverables.
  • Our Design & Build methodology extends to System Test and Deployment. After the development phase is completed, we set up a team consisting of a Project Manager and one or more testers to make sure that the solution is thoroughly tested before proceeding to the next phase. The same team works with you during the Client Acceptance Test and Final Deployment.


  • Andrzej Palczewski – Chief Systems Architect
    From a diverse software engineering background, including a variety of both Fortune 100 firms and mid-size companies (pharmaceutical, biotech, and manufacturing), Andrzej brings extensive experience and proven insight to the software development process. His primary focus is ensuring that software is built to scale and handle the needs or the organization both now and 5, 10 and 25 years in the future.
  • Andrew Palczewski – President
    Fusing a multidisciplinary background in software, research, and design, Andrew finds inspiration in projects that push the boundaries of existing software platforms and require cutting edge software innovation. With a successful track record in Healthcare, Digital Manufacturing, Cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things), and 3D Augmented Reality, Andrew’s systematic approach to software development has been proven in a variety of challenging applications.


Giving back to the local community is a requisite for any successful business. We believe that as a company thrives, the local neighborhood should thrive as well. apHarmony is proud to support a variety of non-for-profit groups, including the following organizations:

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