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Our team develops high quality custom software with the leading tools and technology, proven engineering methods, and industry best practices. We build the software that takes your business to the next level by combining three key elements:
  • Our passion for great design and new technology
  • Creative strategy - The “Big Idea”
  • A strong focus on your underlying business goals
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Software Development Services

Custom Software Development

Software development services for new software products, line of business systems, mobile applications, and web applications. Scope of services includes system architecture and design, research and prototyping, software engineering & development, systems testing, and deployment. :: Learn More

Node.js Consulting and Programming

Consulting and development services for the Node.js platform. Services include security analysis and vulnerability testing, web application architecture and development, server deployment, systems integration, and software engineering. :: Learn More

Software for Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing solutions and machine interfaces. Services include full-scale production planning, scheduling, and inventory control systems, custom data acquisition systems, machine and embedded device integration, and user interface design and development. :: Learn More

3D Software Development

Software development for 3D applications, including CAD and design tools, augmented reality software, product demos, sales tools, product visualization, and custom applications. :: Learn More

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