3D Software & CAD

apHarmony develops custom 3D software & 3D CAD applications for customers in a wide range of industries.

When you are ready to implement a 3D/CAD project, we will work with your team to uncover which business processes would most benefit from a custom 3D software application.

3D software applications have the ability to elevate your users' experience to the next level, while 3D CAD's advanced render engine, user interface controls and perspective detection algorithms provide a solid foundation for design and visual systems.

apHarmony's 3D Software Development and CAD capabilities include:

Custom 3D Applications

  • 3D modeling & texturing
  • Render engine development
  • Geometric algorithms
  • 3D user interface design
  • Real-time shaders

Sales Tools & Demos

  • Personalize renderings for prospects
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Integrate UI analytics
  • Make complex products tangible
  • Increase sales through A|B testing

CAD Software Development

  • 3D model generation
  • Intuitive UI design
  • Dynamic dimensioning
  • Export & machine integration
  • Built-in language interpreter

Augmented Reality

  • Embedded device integration
  • Real-time photo realistic renderings
  • Advanced 3D pipeline optimization
  • 3D modeling & texturing
  • Real-time shader development


Ready to talk about your 3D Software or CAD project?

We can build a custom 3D software or CAD solution to help you deliver an incredible user experience and gain an advantage over your competitors.




Our areas of expertise include:

  • Node.js
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Advanced PHP
  • Programming Languages
    • C / C++
    • JavaScript / Node.js / React
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Java
    • .NET / C#
  • Web Application Development
    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Full Stack
    • REST APIs
  • Embedded/Hardware
    • Hardware Integration
    • Linux Kernel Development
    • Network Protocols
  • Database Development
    • SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
  • 3D & Video
    • DirectX
    • HLSL
    • WebRTC


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