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Custom Software That Solves Real Business Problems


apHarmony creates software that solves real business problems. As a top custom software development company with dedicated, top-tier software engineers, we lead software development initiatives for enterprises across the US.

Based in Chicago, we have a dedicated development team creating solutions that build competitive advantages, boost productivity, and position your enterprise for growth.

Our value promise is:

The key to our success is our expertise in custom software development, our focus on quality, and delivering results on-time and at a fixed price.

Our service areas include:



Our Main Areas of Software Development Services:


Software Development - How We Achieve Results


apHarmony has been recognized as the best software development company in its class by our clients in terms of value, on-time deliveries and completing projects within budget. We've worked hard as a software development company to earn the trust and respect of our clients in the industries we serve.

Our primary focus is custom application development, but we also specialize in data integrations, database development, web development, and more. We're one of a few software companies that guide enterprises with technology solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results and positive ROI.

Our clients frequently give us high praise for driving software development results that:


What Makes Our Software Development Services So Effective?

At apHarmony, we understand the need to provide custom software development with an immediate, positive impact. We developed a team of experienced professionals specializing in custom software design, programming, QA, and implementation to ensure we meet this goal.

Through our solutions, we'll enable your business users to perform effectively in their respective roles, starting with solid design in UI/UX through software development, deployment, and maintenance.

We aim to simplify complex processes within your organization  and decrease operational costs by making your software easy to manage and maintain. That's why we focus on intuitive interface designs and high performance to support your senior leadership's efficiency and business growth targets.

What Makes Our Custom Software Development Company Unique: Our Software Development Methodology

From planning and strategizing to coding, testing, and deployment, apHarmony covers every aspect of the custom software creation process.

With each project, we start with your end goal in mind. By understanding your unique needs, we deliver solutions that benefit each department that uses them.

Business Needs First, Technology Solutions To Follow

Many clients come to us with software development goals and objectives already defined. Our goal is to build software that will meet those requirements.

When we provide software development services, if you need to define the scope of your project, we'll follow a proven, step-by-step methodology for creating your software.

We understand that each client has unique requirements and objectives, so we create our custom software development process and software consulting to fit each use case.

The apHarmony Development Methodology

Our approach to custom software development and associated software consulting includes the following:

apHarmony Software Development Methodology


    Why Our Software Development Methodology Works

    We have a gated quality check approach at each step in our software development process before finalizing a deliverable. We will work independently, or alongside your teams, depending on how you would like to structure the engagement. Each step in the process is clearly defined.

    Below is an in-depth explanation of how we engage with your enterprise at each step in software development.


    Designing a system architecture that meets customer needs and provides scalability

    Our design and UI/UX teams aim to deliver cutting-edge, user-friendly interfaces with software design that results in efficient user experiences and an effective structure for making updates and performing maintenance after deployment.

    We implement a holistic approach in our software development with an eye on the entire SDLC so you have a final product that performs for your specific application and makes sense as a long-term investment.

    Using quality scripted code in languages such as Java, .NET, PHP, and more

    Development can follow a variety of different paths depending on your preference. Internally we often use a waterfall methodology, but we can also use an agile methodology to work more closely with your teams and allow input through the development process.

    We can set deliverable timetables depending on your choice and define the collaborative process that best works with your unique corporate structure and desired objectives.

    QA & Testing the software to guarantee it operates as expected

    With QA, we perform manual and automated software testing throughout the development process before deployment. We'll perform functional testing to ensure proper software function.

    With automated testing, we'll write the necessary test scripts that vary in complexity depending on what we are testing. When we deliver a finished software product, we thoroughly vet it before deployment.

    Deploying the software and making sure it is compatible with the client's hardware and software infrastructure

    Depending on the application and its function within your IT systems, we'll use the best deployment method to ensure easy integration with minimum or no downtime.

    The deployment method will primarily be dictated by how we integrate with your system and your desired rollout process. We'll work together to find the best approach.

    Monitoring the system and support services

    We design our software with Maintenance in mind, so if your enterprise updates its technology infrastructure, you can easily update your software. We'll ensure security updates or corrective maintenance is easy to perform to ensure smooth operations and successful, ongoing integration within your IT infrastructure.


    With many years in the industry, we plan to support all of our customers for many decades to come. As a professional custom software development company, apHarmony aims to ensure that clients are empowered to grow their enterprises.

    When we automate your business processes, we offer high availability and fault tolerance to achieve optimized system performance. At any time, should you require support or assistance from our team, we will ensure that one of our expert software engineers is readily available.

    If we've taken on your project, it means we believe in your Corporate Mission and know we can support your IT infrastructure. We remain committed to your enterprise's software development process from day 1 as we do post-delivery.

    Backed by Top-Tier, Dedicated Development Team

    Our custom software development services and software consulting services come from a top-tier developer team. Our developers take your project very seriously and fully commit to ensuring its successful completion. We back them up with a proven project management professionals, robust UI/UX design team, qualified QA experts, and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

    Each apHarmony software engineer has over 8-10 years of experience, with senior devs at 10-15 years. A certified project manager (PMP) will work on every project, learn the details of your engagement, and provide regular updates for each milestone. Our project management tools ensure we adhere to deadlines and allow our software engineers and senior leaders to focus on building your reliable custom software.

    Our Commitment to Quality


    With a 100% customer satisfaction rate & 95% customer retention rate, we're confident we can deliver the results for your current IT project.

    Our commitment to quality for each software solution we implement follows strict adherence to our corporate mission to provide high-quality software crafted with best-practice software design and structure. We follow ISO 9001 guidelines to assure quality of our work.

    Since we are experts at building custom software applications, our proven methodology, as mentioned, drives us to better outcomes and results for our clients. With a 100% satisfaction rate (NPS) and 95% repeat customer rate, we are confident that our software development process will work for you.

    The Industries We Serve

    apHarmony brings its software development services to businesses and IT departments from key industries.




    For technology companies, apHarmony delivers forward-thinking, advanced solutions that enhance operations and amplify business growth.

    Our extensive software development services using programming technologies including JavaScript, Node.js, and C/C++ to Java, .NET/C# (click here to see more) – enables us to turn any vision into a powerful end solution that delivers enterprise value from the day it's implemented.

    Technology solutions for web and mobile applications are just the beginning of what we offer. To view the full breadth of our technology industry offerings, click here.

    Our cutting-edge technology solutions expand enterprise capabilities and ready them for business growth.

    The technologies we implement are cutting-edge and modernize enterprises. Each engagement we take on involves careful and deliberate planning by our software engineers to deliver a solution that meets the enterprise's needs and is cost-effective.

    Depending on the application, whether front end, back end, middleware, or an API, we may leverage different cloud-based solutions, web development technologies, mobile software, cross-platform apps, or even custom mobile app development to supplement a specific business process.

    To see the skill sets of our expert development teams, view the technology matrix below.


    Our technical areas of expertise include:



    We Deliver a High-Quality Software Product


    Our developers create software with best practices in mind, including code refactoring, debugging, QA, and testing and our process ensures we deliver quality software in each of our engagements. 

    We have experience developing technology solutions for small enterprises ($5M-$49M) to mid-tier ($50M-$500M) and large, multi-national organizations ($1B+) and facilitate customer engagement throughout the entire process.

    Our team delivers custom, high-quality software products that support you and your enterprise. We also provide ongoing support for our software solutions, so you will always have a valued resource as you need us.

    Our developers, designers, quality assurance team, and project managers work together to ensure our solutions are built with quality and are efficient, robust, fault-tolerant, and secure. We also provide our clients with regular touch base meetings to make any adjustments in maintaining software to ensure maximum efficiency.

    apHarmony - Your Enterprise Software Development Company

    As the leading Chicago-based custom software development firm serving mid-to-large scale clients, we understand your unique needs, goals, and corporate culture. We work with you to develop software solutions that enhance the processes you seek to optimize and embed in your day-to-day operations.

    We're a reliable technology partner that creates solutions that deliver tangible, positive results with financially rewarding outcomes.

    If you seek top-tier talent from one of the finest software development agencies in the US, look no further than apHarmony, who can serve as your proven software partner.


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