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apHarmony is an ISO 9001 certified, Chicago-based custom software development company offering software engineering services to manufacturing companies. Through our quality-focused software development process, we develop agile software solutions that expand capabilities and increase the efficiency of manufacturing organizations.

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Manufacturing software projects often involve re-engineering and enhancing a complex application landscape – from ERPs, to custom internal systems, to production floor software and integrations, to third-party SaaS applications. Many of our top-tier software engineers have decades of manufacturing application development experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge to help you create software solutions that adapt and innovate around your core processes.

We partner with your teams to develop custom software development solutions that meet your key business, cost, and schedule requirements. Whether it’s operations, human resource, vendor, production, or accounting data, we’re committed to helping you engineer transformative software solutions that integrate seamlessly with your IT infrastructure and deliver business value.


We Simplify Complex Manufacturing Processes into Streamlined Solutions 

We partner with you to create technology that solves problems intelligently with result-driven outcomes.

Our Manufacturing software applications & experience are wide ranging and include:

Production Control Systems in Manufacturing

Production Control Systems monitor and control manufacturing production operations. Often this is done through integrations with ERP, MRP, MES and SCADA systems to extend capabilities with custom features. Considerations can include optimizing OEE utilizing IoT, advancing embedded technologies, and introducing or enhancing Industry 4.0 technology. apHarmony achieves better experiences, faster response times and lowers risk in PCS through an integrative engineering approach.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation applications streamline business processes to improve efficiency and reduce complexity, cost and paperwork. We harness the power of AI, data and digital information to reimagine workflows for product assembly, inspection, inventory management, logistics for supply chain, and real-time order status. Learn how apHarmony uses digital intelligence to automate business processes to embed superior performance, productivity and sustainability into each step.

API's & Third-Party Integrations

Third-party integrations connect new external systems from third-party vendors with existing customer applications. apHarmony ensures they are robust and share data seamlessly. We design the solutions so they can scale as your operations grow. This process futureproofs your operations and harmonizes data flow.

Product Configurators

Product configurators provide an easy-to-use interface to visualize and configure production options and features during order entry. Intelligent web UI/UX optimizes the user experience, enables faster communication, and mitigates errors, improving workflow and efficiency. Whether MTO or mass-produced goods, we engineer agile product configurator solutions that scale for current and future needs.

Customer Portals

Customer portals can range from web applications that enable customers to view and enter orders and manage invoices/payments, to full-featured portals with advanced tools that drive sales and provide an incredible customer experience. apHarmony eliminates prior friction points with secure, intuitive interfaces and real-time data, improving communication and customer satisfaction.


apHarmony can transform your operations through custom reporting solutions and real-time plant dashboards. With up-to-the-minute data-driven decisions, operations teams can exponentially increase their positive impact by reducing error rates and improving efficiencies. Combined with business intelligence and AI, predictive maintenance on systems eliminates downtime and empowers maintenance forecasting.




Why Choose apHarmony?


  1. We are trusted, proven development partner who can:

      Consistently meet cost and scheduling requirements
      Provide a proven, ISO 9001 certified, development methodology (through design, test, and deployment)
      Provide fixed-price estimates for projects
      Solve challenging problems and make difficult technical challenges easy

  2. We are a team of Top-tier developers familiar with manufacturing applications and the latest software and manufacturing technologies.

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