Fixed-Price API & SaaS  Integrations

apHarmony offers custom enterprise SaaS and API integration services. 
If you are integrating a new SaaS application, extending an existing application, or rewriting an existing API integration, we offer fixed price estimates that will put your mind and budget at ease.

Our thorough requirements analysis leads to an accurate estimate of the full scope of your project, reducing risk of cost and schedule overruns. Even better, our solutions mitigate downtime and return significant, measurable ROI.


Our API Solutions Give You Peace of Mind


Quality SaaS & API Integrations

When you’ve decided you need assistance with a SaaS/API integrations, you need solutions that work. Whether it’s company downtime, lost revenue, data integrity or over-taxed IT resources, apHarmony understands your needs and can offer quality, robust and seamless API solutions.

Minimize Downtime & Improve Performance

We develop API integrations that minimize downtime and improve data flow and performance. We work with you to create fault-tolerant integrations that offer the flexibility, reliability, and scalability you require.

Real-Time Downtime Alerts & Notifications

When API synchronization fails or data integrity is compromised, you need notifications in real-time. We help you maximize uptime, minimize lost revenue and stop system outages with real-time SMS and email notifications built into your API integrations.

Broad Application Experience

apHarmony has extensive experience with Custom API Integrations in a wide variety of areas including Finance, Accounting, HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, and Analytics, so we can often hit the ground running. Onboarding can be done as soon as we become an approved vendor.

Extensive Technical Knowledge

We have a decades of experience integrating secure APIs with databases, data transfer (real-time, automated, offline, synchronization, API upload/download, Excel & CSV and much more), so applying your requirements to technologies is streamlined. We’ll apply solutions to new or existing infrastructure with quality, fault-tolerant solutions.


apHarmony Rapid API Integration Platform

We have developed a rapid API integration suite that offers a complete set of software features that enable us to deliver on time and within budget. You will have access and complete visibility for how apHarmony API integrations are performing and what tasks they accomplish. This includes: 

  • Complete API Dashboard
  • Email/SMS alerts and notifications
  • Reporting
  • Extensive Logging and History
  • Diagnostic tools for API integration issues

Key Features

We take an ISO 9001-based approach in developing all apHarmony API integrations. As a result, your SaaS/API integration will be designed with the following qualities:

apHarmony API Intergrations Key Features

Cross Functional Department Experience

Reliable API Solutions

With a built in dashboard and platform suite that features email and SMS notifications in case of failure, you will always know if your data is flowing accurately to its desired destinations.

API Solutions to Fit Your IT Department’s Needs

Through a dedicated team, we are able to offer you the highest quality API integration services tailored to your specific needs.



3-Steps to Quality SaaS/API Integrations

Our API integrations are built with quality in mind, and are designed to maximize both uptime and ROI. With our API integration suite, we implement your project with a strong focus on Quality, from Development, through Testing, and to Production with ISO 9001-based processes in place to ensure reliable, positive-return implementations.

apHarmony 3 Step Quality Process for API Integrations

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We’ve helped hundreds of businesses scale and meet internal API ROI objectives.

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