Augmented Reality

3D Software Applications

Integrate 3D content with digital images;
Create real-time photo-realistic renderings

apHarmony's revolutionary augmented reality engine provides real-time photo-realistic renderings of 3D objects, integrated into existing digital content. The augmented reality system can be configured for product visualization, with customizable styles, colors, options, and layouts. The real-time rendering can provide salespeople with the ultimate tool to close more sales, and give customers a highly engaging purchasing experience.
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Augmented Reality Capabilities

  • 1
    3D Modeling and Texturing
    Photo-realistic 3D modeling and texturing
  • 2
    Real-time Shader Development
    HLSL development for realistic materials
  • 3
    User Experience Design
    Intuitive interfaces for 3D operations
  • 4
    Embedded Device Integration
    Custom user-interface and display devices
  • 5
    Image Processing
    Graphics algorithms for 3D scene integration
  • 6
    High-performance 3D Optimization
    Advanced 3D pipeline optimization techniques

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Augmented Reality Software
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