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3D Programming Chicago

apHarmony has developed 3D software for companies large and small – from small businesses to Fortune 10 companies.  Our experience ranges from 3D design and rendering, to custom 3D interactive software.

3D programming differs from other types of programming due to its sheer complexity.  While other forms of development have a systemized workflow and framework that most developers follow, each 3D artist or foundry may follow their own path and develop models and software their own way.  Although general concepts stay the same, the implementation varies significantly based on the tools used and platforms targeted.

At the lowest level, 3D development starts with the shader.  This might be written in HLSL, and is used to transform 3D models into pixels on the screen.  Shaders can also be used for advanced 2D graphics algorithms, and even for parallel mathematical computations, rendering interesting applications for capital market algorithms.

True mastery in 3D development is focused on how realistically the developer is able to emulate reality.  Although a poor-quality model is easy to make, a photo-realistic model may take days, weeks, or even months to produce.  Two factors generally impact the time required: the level of detail necessary in the model and complexity of textures, and whether the model needs to be rendered in real-time.

Real-time 3D modeling is very attractive, because it gives the user the ability to interact with a 3D object.  The challenge, however, is that a good 3D model takes significant time to render, so the developer must use various advanced rendering techniques to reduce that time.

All-in-all, 3D software provides many interesting benefits for our clients.  It engages users, provides realistic product previews, and can be great for training and simulations.  If you have any questions about 3D programming, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

3D Programming Chicago
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