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Agile Computer Programming Chicago

apHarmony is an Agile computer programming company in the Chicago area.  The principles behind Agile development are key in producing a quality software application that is on time and on budget.

The primary component of Agile development is a focus on iteratively producing working concepts and software.  Instead of coding the software in completely isolated layers - such as first creating all the data services, then creating all the forms and interface, and finally combining the two together through the program logic, the Agile methods are focused on creating conceptually working components.  Each component should not take more than a few weeks to develop, as opposed to a few months.

Another important component of Agile computer programming is the idea that that the final, ideal solution might not be known at the outset.  The client will need to work together with the developer, defining prototypes or concepts along the way, until the final solution is reached.  The ideal solution is one that best achieves the client's business goals, and the solution might not be apparent at the outset of the project, before the prototyping and initial development is under way.

In this light, a strong collaborative relationship between the client and the development team is vital.  Agile computer programming is ideally suited to situations where the project has many stakeholders and complex requirements, or tackles a breakthrough technology that has not yet been standardized.  As such, flexibility in billing may be a good solution - with the customer hiring the team on a weekly basis, and ending the project once key milestones have been complete and the project is ready for deployment.

Agile development methods also often intrinsically result in more innovative software.  By focusing on the end-user goals, instead of only on following specifications, developers are open to bring new ideas to the table.  In fixed specification methodology, suggesting a new feature is idea will extend the project and increase costs, both detrimental to the completion of the project.  With an Agile environment, developer suggestions are welcome, and can often result in a more effective final product, with better ROI for the customer.

apHarmony will be happy to discuss your Agile computer programming project.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Agile Computer Programming Chicago
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