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As an app developer for both Apple iOS and Android, apHarmony will be happy to bring our design and development expertise to your next mobile app project.

The first step in a mobile app development project is concept development – defining the project goals, primary screens, and functionality.  An extremely valuable tool during this phase is wireframing, enabling both the client and the developer to make changes while it is still relatively easy and the layout is flexible.

Once the general concept has been defined, the designer will create a mockup of the key elements of the project.  This mockup will be a screenshot of various screens, and give the client a clear understanding of the branding and how the app will look.

Once the design has been approved and the app development is underway, a few key project development checkpoints are scheduled, to review components and make sure everything is on track.  If due diligence was done during the initial concept development phase, these reviews should be relatively straightforward and mainly a chance to review the project timeline and delivery dates.

Upon completion, the app will need to be fully tested and deployed.  Usually the testing environments are defined in the proposal, and all components of the app will go through regression testing before deployment.  Depending on the marketing strategy, the deployment might be delayed for a launch party, or beta testers might be given permission to access the software before the final public launch.

Apple’s iOS Store offers an additional interesting twist to the deployment process, as the approval of the app can sometimes take between a week and a few months, depending on the changes requested by the reviewers.  Apps that push the boundaries of the store and ecosystem could face more stringent reviews, and more iterations and reviews are necessary before the app goes live.  An experienced app developer can help shorten this process, and make sure that the app abides by the terms of service.

If you are looking for an app developer for your next project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

App Developer Chicago
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