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Artificial Intelligence Software Development Chicago

apHarmony will be happy to bring our expertise in Artificial Intelligence software development to your next project. Whether you are looking for software based on learning algorithms, inference engines, or semantic analysis, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

Artificial Intelligence software development enables the computer to solve complex problems. The goal might be to give a computer basic analytical ability - such as being able to sort images or decide what is being displayed, to advanced capabilities such as solving problems much too complex for even teams of people. The goal with Artificial Intelligence is to harness the computational power of the computer to either replicate certain tasks, or find entirely new ways or organizing resources to for maximum efficiency.

Learning algorithms are the most prevalent forms of AI, of which the most popular are neural networks and the associated Hidden Markov Models. The primary concept of learning algorithms is to train the software to perform a task based on a training data set, and then test its performance on a real data set. Once the algorithm has been optimized to performance targets, the program can then be deployed to acceptance testing and production. Learning algorithms can be very useful in taking a large number of variables and finding hidden patterns in the data. This makes them ideal for big data applications, where large amounts of data need to be analyzed to find hidden correlations and relationships. The more advanced neural networks continually learn as they execute, enabling real-time feedback and continual performance improvement.

Inference engines and semantic analysis are often used together in text-based applications. Inference engines take pre-existing rules describing how the world operates, and find the logical answer to a question. Semantic analysis, on the other hand, takes a set of words and lets the computer understand what the words actually mean. Thus, semantic analysis is used to both populate the knowledge database and understand questions, while inference engines take the question and find the logical answer. Artificial intelligence software based on these fields are often used in automated customer service systems and again in large text data mining applications.

For a free consultation on an artificial intelligence software development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Artificial Intelligence Software Development Chicago
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