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Cloud Software Development Company Chicago

The Cloud is a powerful tool used by business to increase flexibility and scalability, and save on hosting costs.  apHarmony will be happy to leverage its extensive experience as a Cloud software development company in order to make your next Cloud development project a success.

There are a variety of exciting applications of the Cloud for businesses.  The first and most straightforward is flexibility in paying for data storage and hosting costs.  Popular media projects will not scale well if hosted in a cheap hosting service, and it is vital to ensure those projects are hosted where the provider can handle visitor peaks without slower service.  Cloud providers can offer scalable hosting to make sure that app will be responsive when you need it most – such as after an advertising campaign or launch of the service.

Another effective use of Cloud is in data transfer and storage.  With its redundancy and accessibility from a variety of devices, Cloud software development can enable secure communication with distributed devices.  This can enable file sharing, data gather, and data distribution applications.

The most popular cloud platforms are provided by Amazon, Microsoft, and SalesForce.  Amazon offers a variety of cloud services, from simple hosting, to email distribution, to server instances.  Microsoft Azure takes a different approach with application-focused cloud hosting, allowing SQL Server instances, Web Applications, and Web Services.  Microsoft Azure is an excellent platform for Cloud-hosted .Net services.  Finally, SalesForce offers a limited Cloud platform based on its existing CRM system.  Applications developed for the SalesForce cloud are generally limited to conform to the capabilities of that CRM.

Special platforms for embedded device development also exist, such as Etherios.  These cloud platforms are used for data storage for distributed devices.  They are idea for manufacturing and industrial applications, enabling systems engineers to monitor plant performance through a variety of indicators and device feedback.

apHarmony will be happy to help with your Cloud software development project.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

Cloud Software Development Company Chicago
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