Chicago Custom CRM Software Developer

Custom CRM Software Developer Chicago

apHarmony offers state-of-the-art CRM software that can be highly customized to exactly suit your business processes.  With a built-in full featured state engine, virtually any workflow rules can be coded in the system to automate repetitive business processes.

When developing a custom CRM for your businesses, we recognize ourselves as a software provider, here to implement your best business ideas and spread them throughout the enterprise.  With this perspective, the CRM can be a catalyst for change and standardization of best business practices.  Each connected employee of the company can be assisted to use optimum practices and make sure that each customer receives the “dream sales cycle” and high level of service.

With advanced phone system integration, staff can connect with customers in one click, and automatically pull up customer information on inbound calls.  Marketing sources can be automatically tagged based on campaign and marketing source performance can be accurately tracked.

Since the software can be completely customized to your business, the user interface is often a fertile area for improvement over existing software.  An effective CRM will show all the most important customer information on the primary screen, and allow for intuitive drill-down in order to access peripheral information.

The CRM can also be a tool for communication throughout the enterprise.  apHarmony’s CRM software provide advanced notes for communication, combining the best of social networking and traditional CRM note-taking methods.

Finally, lead generation can be significantly improved through lead nurturing and a customized sales workflow.  Targeted emails can be built for each individual customer, and testimonials and other key brand-building activity can be automatically generated and emails to prospective clients.  Leads can be generated through a telemarketing console with automated batching and cross-sell reminders.  Through use of an effective CRM system, the lead generation and sales conversion rate can be significantly increased.

Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation on a custom CRM system.

Custom CRM Software Developer Chicago
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