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Custom Dealer Software Chicago

apHarmony offers custom dealer software packages for manufacturers and wholesalers, to help manage and support their dealer network.  We will be happy to bring our experience to your next dealer software project.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

The primary types of dealer software packages are dealer relationship management systems, lead generation and distribution software, and order management / customer service systems.  By implementing these software packages and programs, manufacturers and wholesalers can position themselves advantageously against their competitors, and offer a unique experience that will help strengthen the dealer relationship.

Dealer relationship management software helps track existing relationships and develop new dealers.  This software can be similar to a CRM system, and store the variety of information used by salespeople to improve performance.  Additionally, a dealer relationship management system can also provide a portal and tools for dealers to improve their own sales or operations.  Depending on the type of organization, ranging from tightly held franchises to simple sales of commodities, the dealer relationship management system is an opportunity to provide added value.

Lead generation and distribution systems help increase sales for the dealers, which in turn increases sales for the manufacturer or wholesale.  Lead generation software can create new leads through search-engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques, while lead distribution software helps centrally distribute leads to a diverse and ever-changing dealer network.  Lead distribution software can also track the conversion rate of leads, and compare performance on a per-dealer basis.  This will provide insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, as well as highlight opportunities to help struggling dealers improve their sales.

Order management, online order entry, and customer service systems will often integrate with the manufacturing software to take new orders and provide status of existing orders.  This software helps reduce double-entry and order-entry errors, can provide a visual representation of the product being purchased, and helps reduce overhead and bottlenecks.  In addition, the software can be a platform for marketing additional services and opportunities to dealers, as well as communicate key information.

For a free quote on custom dealer software, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Custom Dealer Software Chicago
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