Chicago Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development Chicago

A successful custom web application development project starts with choosing the best team.  With our extensive web development expertise, apHarmony will be happy to help build your next custom web application.

At its core, a web application provides either interactive or data driven content to its users.  Interactive content can include digital media integration, 3D effects, video, and a focus on either brand development or lead generation.  Data-driven content is often focused on providing a service to its users, whether enabling a business transaction or providing information, photos, videos, or files.

Many web applications require effective user authentication and security.  Depending on the security requirements, the project may require a specific hosting environment, network configuration, and encryption algorithms.  At the very least, the web application must be secure enough to prevent hacking attempts and unauthorized access to data.  A strong security framework, automated tests, and a focus on security throughout the development of the project will help ensure a well-built web application.

Another consideration in custom web application development is payment processing.  If the app will accept credit card payments online, the software will need to integrate with a payment gateway in order to process the payments.  If the client uses a unique payment processor, this will require custom programming to interface with the gateway.  Payment processors often allow flexible payment options, either allowing the app to authorize the card now and charge later, charge immediately, or create recurring payments over a period of time.  This allows the web app to support a variety of business models, and can even be changes as the software evolves.

The primary component of a custom web application project is the user interface.  The UI designer will need to create an effective interface that will make it easy for website users to accomplish their goals.  Since most web users are not "forced" to use the system, successful web apps need to be easy to use.  Also, since per-user payments are often low in the digital world, the software either needs to be so easy to use that it is obvious, or training and documentation needs to be included in the site.

With most of the innovative business ideas now created through custom web application development, this is the ideal platform for delivery of industry-changing software.  If you have any questions about a web application project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Custom Web Application Development Chicago
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