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Database Programming Chicago

A stable and scalable database is the foundation to any successful software development project.  apHarmony will be happy to bring our database programming expertise to help you achieve your project goals.

Database programming has two primary contexts.  First, it can refer to developing software that interacts with client data.  Alternatively, it can refer to the design of the actual database on which the software is built.  As a business software developer, apHarmony has extensive experience with both types of projects.

A database is the heart and soul of most software applications.  It organizes the data, makes sure that the data is correct, and defines the relationships between the different data entities.  A good database can be optimized for performance, and maintain audit tracking to see when data was updated.  A flexible database design will scale well as the amount of data increases, and also provide for flexibility throughout the lifetime of the software as needs change and additional functionality needs to be updated.

In fact, the database design is the primary design factor in the lifetime of a software system – the better the database design, the longer the software will provide value to its users.

The three major database platforms for software development are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.  Of these, Oracle is the most expensive and reliable, and best suited for large-scale deployments.  SQL Server is an excellent alternative, providing most of Oracle’s features and functionality for mid-grade solution that works best in software projects under $250,000.  SQL Server has a free “SQL Server Express” version that has no licensing costs, and as the client needs grow, pricing increases gradually in scale with the project size.  MySQL, although an open source database, is primitive in its implementation, and is best suited for simple applications such as a basic website content management system.

If you have any questions about a database programming project, please feel free to call us at 630-855-7522.  We will be happy to discuss and provide a solution that will achieve your database development goals.

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Database Programming Chicago
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