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Desktop Application Development Chicago

apHarmony offers desktop application development services. With our experienced team of system architects, developers, and user interface designers, we will be happy to help make your software development project a success. Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

The most popular desktop applications are line-of-business applications that organize business processes, make customer information easily accessible, and improve productivity. The key to development of an effective line-of-business desktop app is to begin with a discovery process to fully understand the function of a client's business. During this process, the architect will work together with the client to brainstorm innovative opportunities for improvement, sometimes by bridging ideas for different industries, or applying new technology to make existing processes more effective. This is the time in the project for development of the “big ideas” - features that will give a company a distinct advantage over their competition.

One of the advantages of desktop apps is the ability to natively interface with existing software, and take advantage of the IT infrastructure. For instance, document management solutions can access data directly on the company network, and simplify access to relevant files. Other software can integrate with accounting or shipping packages, to reduce overhead and double-entry. Scanning and bar-coding software can help streamline production and warehousing, while reporting tools can improve business decisions and find opportunities for increased profitability.

Of course, as a business evolves, so does its software requirements. After the software is built, the project enters the maintenance phase, during which the desktop app is maintained across new platforms and operating system upgrades, and enhancements are made to meet changing user requirements. It's important to review the software at least once a year, to find opportunities for improvement and fix existing issues. Without a proactive maintenance strategy, a software package will get outdated and eventually require a full rebuild, as opposed to incremental enhancements.

For a free quote on a desktop application development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Desktop Application Development Chicago
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