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Dot Net Development Chicago

apHarmony specializes in quality dot net development.  Our team of developers, system architects, and user interface designers will be happy to bring our expertise to you software development project.  Whether you are looking for maintenance of an existing system, development of a new application, or a software development partner, we are here to help.  Please give us a call at 630-855-7522.

There are many factors that go into defining the quality of a .NET application.  The primary distinguishing factors of a good .NET application are:
1. Innovative capability
2. Robustness and performance of the software
3. Expandability and flexibility for upgrades and enhancements
4. Ease of use
5. Ease of maintenance

A software development firm that can deliver these five factors to your project will provide much more value than that paid for the hourly service.

Innovative capability is primarily concerned with going beyond what initial requirements and brainstorming a solution, together with the client, that will achieve even greater goals.  This requires a certain degree of experience, combined with insight based on a broad variety of industries and applications.  By combining creative ideas and solutions from other industries, the software can be enhanced from an application that helps the client catch up to the competition, into one that helps the client leap ahead.

Robustness and performance of the software are the traditional software quality measures.  This makes sure that the software works as performed, and scales well with additional users and data.  This can be learned in relatively few years by the average developer; once they have written over 100,000 lines of code, they will have a good understand of what works, what doesn't work, and what can be improved in order to achieve better performance and more robust code.  The average developer takes 5-10 years to write 100,000 lines of code.

Next, flexibility and expandability of the code is important.  This is the primary way a good dot net developer can save costs for the client over the long run.  When software is poorly written, each upgrade and enhancement makes the system more complex.  A patch here, a patch there, soon turns into an unmaintainable mess.  A seasoned system architect can design the system in such a way that upgrades and enhancements will be easy to make and maintain.

Ease of use, although number four on the list, is still an essential part of any .NET software project.  It is primarily the user interface designer's job to produce easy to use software.  Good usability reduces training costs and improves user satisfaction and use of the system.  A talented user interface designer can increase the utility of the software, and create fans among its users.

Finally, ease of maintenance makes sure that the software is easy to maintain among different developers.  This is primarily a function of the third point, however a good system designer will also built the software so that other developers can easily understand the architecture.  When the software is built logically, it often requires significantly less documentation to maintain and expand, even when another developer or development team steps in to help.

If you have any questions about a dot net development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Dot Net Development Chicago
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