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apHarmony offers education software development services. We will be happy to bring our custom software development expertise to your education software project. Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

There are three general classes of education software – software the helps train or teach new concepts, software that tracks progress and organizes classroom materials, and software that helps manage school administration. Each category of education software has its unique challenges and opportunities.

Training / learning software is the most beneficial to end users. It can range from simple apps that organize information and present it in a coherent manner, to fully immersive, 3D virtual environments that teach the user through simulation and practice. Even advanced input devices such as the Kinect can be integrated for physical training exercises. With all the technology currently available, the most popular applications are focused on video presentations and tutorials. These provide students with a step-by-step course, often accompanied by assignments, tests, and collaborative capability. eLearning platforms offer students lower-cost accessibility to learning materials, and provide instructors with a wider platform for teaching students and improving lives.

Classroom portal and reporting software provides students, parents, and teachers with a communication platform for key classroom information. Student grades can be posted in a secure environment, so that parents can be kept abreast of progress. Homework can be posted online to help save paper, as well as provide students with an easy, ever-present way to access their assignments. Simpler classroom portals can consist of a basic listing page, while more advanced versions can have parent logins and even virtual testing, instruction, and quizzes embedded in the package.

Finally, school administration and management software provides an effective way to organize information and simplify administration. School registration and payment processing can be done completely online, making the process easier for parents and saving staff time. Teacher assignments, student, teacher and classroom information, and parent / student communication can all be virtualized to provide for easier management. Depending on the application, the accounting system can even be integrated in order to reduce double-entry and verification.

For a free consultation on an education software development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Education Software Development Chicago
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