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Embedded Software Development Company Chicago


apHarmony offers both basic and advanced embedded software development services.  From integration with ready-built drivers, to driver development, to system and software development with machine integration, apHarmony will be happy to assist with your next embedded software development project.

Embedded projects are generally grouped into two categories – consumer device development and business / manufacturing / industrial applications.  Consumer devices can range from games to controllers and home automation devices.  Industrial applications are often custom built for a specific application, and require thorough testing and safeguards to ensure employee safety in case of any possible component failure.  Healthcare devices can be the most challenging, with FDA approval often costing several million dollars.

apHarmony can provide both new device development services and maintenance of existing software , as well as legacy application integration.  Platforms ranging from Linux, to Windows Embedded, to Windows RT, and even legacy operating systems such as MS-DOS are supported.  Assembly source code can be developed if necessary, however our developers typically prefer C/C++ or a hybrid of Java/C# with a lower-level language for hardware integration if possible.

Applications range from wireless / radio communication, to web development or user interfaces, to developing end-to-end control for the hardware platform.  New advances in digital platforms have standardized many of the hardware components, and tools such as Etherios can be used to reduce development time.  OPC Server can be used to integrate with manufacturing devices, and standards such as MTConnect can be implemented in order to ensure interoperability with existing reporting packages and APIs.

Embedded projects typically start with analysis of the hardware and software requirements.  apHarmony performs a detailed analysis of the project in order to assure the software will be built within budget and achieve and exceed client expectations.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation on your embedded software development project.

Embedded Software Development Company Chicago
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