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apHarmony will be happy to offer our services for your next Flash Programming project.  With over fifteen years of Flash development experience, we will be able to help maintain your existing project, create new apps, or develop enhancements to your existing Flash app with ease.

Flash was made popular through first Macromedia, and then Adobe, as one of the early forms of animation and advanced effects on the web.  As the language developed, programming and scripting features were added, which enabled games and interactive elements.  Flash reached its highest popularity around 2010, when it was supported by most desktop environments and mobile browsers.

Although still useful for compatibility with older systems, Flash has generally been supplanted by jQuery and HTML5.  This was primarily due to Apple’s reluctance to provide Flash support on iPhones and iPads.  The new open standard for HTML5 offers most of the functionality provided by Flash, and most Flash apps can be ported to HTML5.

However, with both HTML5 and Flash hovering at a similar install base, it makes sense to update and maintain existing Flash applications.  apHarmony will be happy to help you maintain your existing application, or assist in upgrading your app to HTML5.

There are two primary versions of ActionScript – the scripting language used by Flash apps.  Most older Flash programs are developed in ActionScript 2.0, while ActionScript 3.0 introduced object-oriented data objects and a more effective way to program.  Both Flash programming languages provide similar capabilities, however ActionScript 3.0 programs are generally easier to maintain.

Flash still plays three important roles on the web.  First, most file upload components are programmed in Flash, since they have more capability and less browser security restrictions.  Next, Flash Video is still one of the most popular video formats.  Finally, Flash is still a great platform for 2D graphics animations, such as banners, and games, and interactive applications that have already been developed in the language.

If you have any questions about a Flash Programming project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Flash Programming Chicago
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