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Since 2010, we have been crafting custom software solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our track record of 400+ successfully completed projects and 95% repeat customer rate stand as a testament to the quality of work we deliver.

apHarmony offers Flex Development Services in order to help you create, maintain, or enhance applications built on the Adobe Flex or Flash Builder platform.  With several successful apps built and deployed for customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 10 companies, we will be happy to assist on your next Flex Development project.

Adobe Flex was initially a tool created to develop more complex Flash apps than what was supported by the Adobe Flash program.  Flex featured a well-designed Integrated Developed Environment, compiler, and publishing tools, allowing for more streamlined development.

Eventually, Adobe rebranded the Flex development tool and renamed it to “Adobe Flash Builder.”  This is essentially the same platform and environment, with a few new features and deployment options.  The most notable change in Flash Builder is the ability to deploy to HTML5 or Mobile Apps.  This allows apps built using Flex to be deployed to a wide variety of environments.

With the cross-platform compatibility, Flex is a viable tool for developing apps that target and support a large variety of platforms.  Although platform testing and tweaking is always a must, starting with a tool that offers cross-platform support makes it easier and more cost effective to complete complex projects.

The main benefit of Flex is the ability to incorporate advanced image and video processing effects that are not natively supported by most browsers.  Although HTML5 is growing in its capabilities, certain pixel blending operations can be slow.  Flex can often take advantage of GPU processing, or at least uses optimized image processing algorithms that are not yet supported by HTML5.

Another advantage of Flex is its ability to easily integrate Flash animations into the workflow.  While developing animations in HTML5 and jQuery can be time consuming, developers can easily work with graphic designers to import interactive elements that make an application more fun and engaging.

If you have any questions about Flex Development, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.  We will be happy to bring our expertise to your next Flex programming project.

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Flex Development
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