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Since 2010, we have been crafting custom software solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our track record of 400+ successfully completed projects and 95% repeat customer rate stand as a testament to the quality of work we deliver.

apHarmony will be happy to help with your iOS App Development project.  Our team of designers and developers will bring the innovative outlook and focused execution that will help make your project a success.

The first step in an iOS App Development, after the initial brainstorming and concept development, is to define the target platform.  iOS Apps generally run on iPhones, iPads, or both.  If the app is simple enough, it might be beneficial to use a multi-platform publishing tool such as PhoneGap so that the software can easily be ported to Android upon completion.

Although multi-platform publishing has advantages in flexibility of deployment, the primary advantage of native code is the ability to provide a more streamlined user interface.  iPhone users will feel more comfortable using the native iPhone gestures and with the sleek look and feel of the iPhone interface.  In addition, advanced features such as GPS and Camera integration can be much more seamlessly integrated with native code.

During the design phase of the app, resolution targeting can be accurately performed due to the cohesive iPhone ecosystem.  The designer will be able to create mockups with native iOS elements and discuss the precise layout and functionality with the client.  Once the app goes into development, client progress updates and check-ins are a must in order to make sure the project will meet its goals.

Once the app is complete and ready to be deployed, the actual deployment can take a few weeks to a month, depending on acceptance by the App Store review process.  The reviewer will test the app and make sure it follows the App Store terms of service.  Working with an experienced team can help expedite this area of the development process, although if the app is very innovative and pushing the boundaries of Apple’s terms of service, it can take some time working with the review team before the app is published.

If you have any questions about an iOS App Development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

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