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Java Programming Chicago

apHarmony has developed expertise in a variety of Java programming applications, both business and scientific.  The depth, breadth, and cross-platform capability of the Java platform make it an ideal solution for many software development project.

The core of the Java programming language is its virtual machine.  The virtual machine allows Java programs to run on any computer or device, and not be tied down to a specific platform or architecture.  Java is one of the first widely accepted programming languages to use a virtual machine to run its code.  Since the software does not have to be natively compiled to a specific platform, it can be coded once and then deployed to many different systems.

The Java bytecode also allows for interesting applications.  For instance, a developer could write their own programming language that might be easier for non-technical users to enter certain commands.  That language could compile to Java bytecode, and the resulting program could run anywhere the Java Virtual Machine is installed.

With the wide deployment of Java software, the platform has become a target of hackers.  With any Java programming project, security is an important concern, making sure that the end-users and the server will be safe from attacks.

The primary uses of Java are web applications, mobile apps, desktop software, and servers.  Java web applications often run on the Tomcat server, which will host the JSP (Java Server Pages).  The entire Android platform is built on a Java-derivative, and contains many similarities to the Java language.

Most Java programming projects consist of maintaining existing applications, or creating new software.  Existing applications are often maintained on an hourly basis, while new software projects may be fixed quote or developed using Agile methods.

If you have any questions about a Java programming project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522, and we will be happy to discuss.

Java Programming Chicago
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