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JavaScript Programming Chicago

apHarmony has extensive experience in JavaScript programming, and will be happy to help you on your JavaScript development project.

JavaScript first became popular as the scripting language for the Netscape browser.  Through the years, it has become the de facto language for web development.  Several modern technologies such as AJAX and jQuery have propelled the role of the browser in application development, provided for a richer user interface, and brought more of the web processing client-side.

One of the key factors to the spread of JavaScript’s popularity has been the standardization of the language.  Previously, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) released JavaScript language specifications that were mostly ignored by Microsoft in Internet Explorer.  As other browsers gained popularity and eclipsed Internet Explorer, Microsoft eventually had to acquiesce and make its new browser compatible with Internet standards.

The most exciting JavaScript programming applications utilize a client-server method of development called AJAX.  With AJAX, all the forms and user interface is rendered client-side, and the web application only speaks to the server when it needs specific data.  The provides for a very fluid and user-friendly interface, and is the reason that web applications are becoming much more popular than desktop applications.

Another key JavaScript application is in responsive design.  Responsive design is primarily geared toward making a website or web app provide a good experience across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.  Although it is primarily done in CSS, the back-end often requires JavaScript to make the website change as the browser size changes.

In order to develop its applications for clients effectively, apHarmony has developed a variety of frameworks to speed development.  These allow complex apps to be built with greater reliability and for a lower cost than was previously possible.

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JavaScript Programming Chicago
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