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Manufacturing Software Development Company Chicago

apHarmony will be happy to bring our extensive development in developing software for the manufacturing industry to your next project.  With our suite of products and services for the manufacturing sector, we will be able to achieve and surpass your project requirements.

One of the most exciting areas of manufacturing software is the current renaissance in digital manufacturing.  This ranges from software to update production status and monitor performance, to software that interfaces with machines and directs operation, to quality control software that makes sure the product is built to spec and contains no defects.

Sales and customer service modules can be integrated into the manufacturing system, providing customers with the capability to order online, through easy-to-use tools.  The manufacturing software can also send order status notifications and reports to customers automatically through email or fax, or make them available through an online portal.

Accounting can also be integrated with the manufacturing system.  At a basic level, receivables and payables can be handled through the software.  More advanced functionality such as credit checking can be built into the scheduling and shipping workflow, making sure that credit limits are not exceeded before product is shipped.

Two other areas prime for improvement in the manufacturing industry are inventory control and warehousing.  Inventory can be scanned before removal from stock, and additional parts ordered automatically through EDN or low-stock notifications can be sent to appropriate personnel.  Warehousing can be handles through barcoding and hand-held scanners, enabling employees to quickly locate parts and reduce overhead.

Digital manufacturing holds significant promise of productivity improvement, cost-savings, and increased sales for the manufacturing industry.  apHarmony will be happy to leverage our extended experience in developing software for manufacturers in order to help your business achieve these gains.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-752 for a free consultation.

Manufacturing Software Development Company Chicago
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