Chicago Marketing Automation Custom Software Development

Marketing Automation Custom Software Development Chicago

With our experience in marketing automation and a portfolio of ready-made tools, apHarmony will be happy to help increase your lead conversion.  Please give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

Marketing automation allows businesses to leverage the power of the computer and databases to increase conversion rate and build the company brand.  Elements of marketing automation can be implemented for businesses both big and small to provide a seamless, professional experience throughout the customer buying process.

The simplest form of marketing automation is automated emails at various touch points in the buying process.  Although once novel, these have become overused by companies, and are now mostly ignored by customers.

In order to wade through the heap of marketing messages consumers receive each day and catch the prospects’ attention, a specialized and highly targeted marketing message must be used.  By combining a variety of messages and tailoring them to the customer’s specific demographic information, a much higher conversion rate can be realized for sales leads.

In addition to introducing a product, marketing automation can build the company brand through a series of targeted emails.  The software can comb through the database of past customers and prospects, and provide tailored testimonials from truly relevant sources – based on geographic, product, or other factors.

The software automation can extend even further than the sale, informing the customer of installation and delivery status, requesting feedback, and promoting cross-sells.  An effective marketing automation system views interactions with the customer along a sales cycle continuum, with every prospect and customer at a specific point in the cycle and with a certain disposition.

Each marketing automation project can require custom software development to get the cycle tuned exactly for the operations of the business.  The flexibility of apHarmony’s CRM software can make sure that challenging implementations are handled with ease, and everything in the resulting system will be focused on increasing conversion rate and resulting company sales.

Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for more information about our marketing automation solutions.

Marketing Automation Custom Software Development Chicago
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