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MySQL Software Development Chicago

apHarmony offers MySQL software development services. Whether you are looking to create a new MySQL database application, maintain or extend an existing MySQL app, or require help with advanced database optimization or development, we will be happy to help. Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

MySQL is a scalable, robust, and free database, currently owned and maintained by Oracle. Although it is not as powerful as SQL Server and Oracle, the database provides a fast and efficient alternative to a full-scale RDBMS. MySQL can perform quite well with web applications, or with frameworks where the majority of the business logic is handled in the software, as opposed to the database.

A MySQL database application project will always start with an analysis of the business requirements. The first step is to bring key project stakeholders together to discuss the goals of the system, and define the exact features of a successful project. Once the goals and primary business cases have been designed, the database or system architect can design the database that will power the software and lay the foundations of the user interface.

Once a MySQL database project is complete and deployed, it will require maintenance and upgrades throughout the lifecycle of the project. Either due to increased data or user volume, it may be necessary to scale the software to a distributed infrastructure. This will often require separating the application and database servers, and possible creating a database cluster where data will by distributed between multiple MySQL server instances. It is now possible to leverage cloud hosting and instances to help not only increase capacity, but also to handle short-term bursts in application usage.

Often before scaling to new hardware or instances, however, it is advisable to review the source code for performance improvements. Often complex SQL calls can be optimized to reduce CPU or disk usage, and improve speed without additional infrastructure costs.

For a free quote on a MySQL software development project, please give us a call at 630-855-7522.

MySQL Software Development Chicago
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