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apHarmony has extensive experience helping our clients in outsourcing software development.  Our team of developers, architects, and designers will make sure that your software development project will be a success.

Outsourcing software development is often undertaken by companies for one of three reasons:
1. A specialized project requires a skillset they do not have in-house
2. Their current team is overbooked, and they want a company to help handle the workload
3. They are looking to work with an agency that will bring new, creative ideas and domain expertise to the project

Larger companies will often seek to outsource development to bring in talent and new ideas (#3), while smaller companies are often looking for ways to minimize costs without expanding their payroll and overhead.  In either of these situations, outsourced software development is a great solution to stay both competitive and cost-effective.

The single most important factor in ensuring the success of an outsourced software project is good communication between the development company and the client.  This is the reason most companies prefer a US-based development team, as there is a reason the task of building software is called "writing software."  Would you want a foreigner who is not familiar with your country, customs, and ways of thinking, to write the software that will organize and run your business?  This is why off-shore outsourcing often costs more and requires more overhead than doing the same work in the US.  Especially if the development team can meet in-person with the client, US outsourcing often requires a significantly smaller development team, and results in a higher-quality finished product.

Good communication, however, extends further than just understanding the other person.  When the development company and the client and good, open communication, the project can adapt as necessary to the changing business needs of the client.  This is the foundation of Agile Development, and the reason why Agile project result in significantly higher ROI (return on investment) in software projects.  As clients and developers understand the challenges of the project, they can prioritize the aspects of the system that will result in the most utility, and even create new ideas that will add value during the course of the development.

Outsourcing software development can be a great way for companies to develop ground-breaking software, save costs, and stay competitive.  If you have any questions about outsourcing a software project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

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Outsourcing Software Development Chicago
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