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PHP Programming Chicago

With our extensive PHP programming expertise, apHarmony will be happy to help with your PHP programming project.  Since its first release in 1995, PHP has been steadily growing into one of the most popular languages for website development.

The primary appeal of PHP is its availability as the main server-side scripting language supported on the open source Linux platform.  Web apps developed in PHP are less expensive to run and scale as the user-base increases.  As PHP has grown, it is now well supported on Windows as well as Linux, and a multitude of extension libraries are available for advanced functionality and integration.

PHP is unique among server-side scripting languages in the simplicity of deployment and scalability.  While many other platforms require compilation, complex and tweaked environments, PHP can be deployed on the majority of Linux and Windows hosts.  When integrated with client-side scripting libraries such as jQuery and Handlebars.js, PHP provides effective modern AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript) support, and can be used on development from small prototyping projects to large-scale enterprise applications.

The key to successful PHP programming is system organization and architecture.  apHarmony has developed a PHP framework for rapid development, enabling many complex applications to be built in a fraction of time it usually takes.  The PHP framework's global variable scope provides the idea environment for simple plug-in and database modeling.

With a large variety of available extensions, PHP has flexibility that ranges from database access to image processing.  Of special note is the ImageMagick library, that enables advanced image compositing and effects.  This tool can be used to provide a customized experience to each user, or unique and engaging effects.

In addition to the base functionality, PHP can be extended through custom module development.  This allows for native execution of C code on the operating system level, integrated into the simplicity of a server-side interpreted language.  PHP can even be run and interpreted from the command line, and integrated into unit tests.

If you have any questions about PHP programming, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.  Our PHP developers will be happy to bring our expertise to your next PHP software project.

PHP Programming Chicago
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