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Since 2010, we have been crafting custom software solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our track record of 400+ successfully completed projects and 95% repeat customer rate stand as a testament to the quality of work we deliver.

apHarmony is a leading Rich Internet App (RIA) software development company. We will be delighted to bring our extensive experience to help make your next Rich Internet App a success. Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

Rich Internet Apps have been pushing the boundaries of browser capabilities for the past twenty years. The first RIA applications were written in Flash, vbScript, or JavaScript. As the playing field evolved, JavaScript became the leading technology for Rich Internet App development, as both vbScript and Flash became outdated and less supported.

The most effective Rich Internet Apps are currently built in JavaScript and HTML5. This is a widely supported platform configuration that works across a variety of browsers and platforms, both mobile and desktop. JavaScript provides the programming language, and HTML5 provides extended graphics capabilities that were previously not available in the initial versions of HTML5.

An effective RIA development project also requires utilizing a variety of toolkits. The most popular is jQuery, which allows cross-platform access of HTML components from JavaScript. jQuery also extends JavaScript and provides functions for the most popular operations. A variety of other open-source toolkits and JavaScript extensions are available to help save time on RIA software projects.

An effective Rich Internet App software development company will also have a development process that involves the client and gets both client and developer on the same page in order to minimize revisions and changes. This requires a good degree of trust between the client and the software company. The best practice is to leave the business logic and expectations to the client, and hire a developer whom the client trusts thoroughly with the design, usability, and development practices.

If you have any questions about a RIA software development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

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Rich Internet App Software Development Company
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