Chicago Sales Automation Software Development

Sales Automation Software Development Chicago

apHarmony provides Sales Automation to improve the efficiency and conversion rate of your sales team.  With industry-leading software from apHarmony, your sales staff will be empowered to close more deals and generate more revenue.

In order to customize the sales automation specifically to your business, apHarmony has built a platform of tools that let us easily adapt the workflow to your sales cycle.  We start the process with an full review of your current workflow, and discuss your ideal sales cycle.  This includes not just the steps leading to the initial appointment, but the full cycle of how further appointments, rehashed leads, reset leads, and other events should be handled.

At each customer interaction or point during the cycle, automated emails, print mailings, or other information can be sent to the customer.  Targeted promotions, cross sells, and testimonials can help increase the sales rate for the customer.

One of the more powerful features of a good Sales Automation implementation is pre-appointment brand development.  Using emails that have been micro-targeted for the specific customer, the salesperson can be introduced and key points can be delivered beforehand to start the initial appointment on a much warmer note.  Positioning the unique strengths of the company can ease the burden of that stage of the sale from the salesperson, freeing them up to focus on the later stages of the sales process.  This can increase the number of appointments a salesperson can run in a day, and ensure that each customer will receive the ideal story of your company.

Another exciting ability of a good Sales Automation software is appointment scheduling and notification.  For larger sales teams, reps can be automatically notified by the dispatcher, and even appointments can be automatically scheduled based on the specific abilities and talents of each rep.

Integration with existing telemarketing software, or implementation of a telemarketing console can further increase sales.  With an end-to-end sales cycle implemented through the software, each person can have a full view of the customer interaction, and make sure that no leads slip through the cracks, and ensure that every lead and opportunity will be maximized.

For any questions about Sales Automation software, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation.

Sales Automation Software Development Chicago
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