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Software Demo Programming Chicago

apHarmony offers software demo programming services.  Whether you are looking to build a new demo or support an existing application, we will be happy to bring our team to your project.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free evaluation and quote.

The new advances and proliferation of 3D and video technology offer exciting new possibilities for demo development.  Depending on the scale of deployment and demo distribution, even advanced technology such as augmented reality can help bring an even greater scale or realism to the user experience.  The technology limitations that once kept creative ideas at bay have become unleashed, bringing a new level of possibility to demo software.

Real-time photo-realistic 3D rendering has become a cornerstone of the demo revolution.  Advanced graphics hardware shaders can render in milliseconds what once took hours.  The level of realism offered by shaders can now rival even photos, to the degree that users often guess the 3D image is more real than a photo, if the two are compared side-by-side.  Combining the real-time photo-realistic shaders with video and augmented reality can create groundbreaking demos that will sweep away the competition.  Augmented reality combines photo-realistic 3D images with either photos or real-time video feeds of the environment, with the capability to literally bring the product into the customer’s reality.

In addition to groundbreaking 3D technology, social media is enabling new and exciting marketing possibilities.  In addition to simple techniques such as like-baiting and sharing, advanced games and interactive apps can take brand development and reach to the next level, by making the customers the champions of the brand, and giving them a fun experience while they help market the product.

For a free evaluation and quote on a software demo programming project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

Software Demo Programming Chicago
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