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apHarmony is extensive experience in SQL programming and development.  Whether you are looking to design a database, maintain or optimize existing code, or develop an enhancement, we will be happy to bring our SQL developers to your project.

SQL programming consists of five major areas: database design, data access programming, stored procedure development, query optimization, and data mining.

Database design in SQL provides for a stable and flexible platform that will handle all the use cases for the software.  As part of a SQL development project, test data should be created, and build environments configured with version control.  In that way, changes can be published incrementally, and in a controlled method to the production environment.

Data access programming generally consists of the methods used by the application to access the database.  This can extend to the application server the serves data to the client or presentation layer, or be limited to a series of stored procedures and general guidelines for efficiently accessing database information

Stored procedures are the most flexible tool in SQL programming.  A stored procedure can be as simple as a row-level audit trigger, or as complex as an interface to other applications, email, or zip code geo-location.

Query optimization can improve the speed and efficiency of existing programs.  As data sizes increase, certain database operations can take increasing long to execute.  This may be a good time to bring a specialist, who can significantly reduce the execution time through various query optimization methods.

Data mining is perhaps the most interesting area of SQL programming, where the developer is tasks with first analyzing and defining the general goals of the project – what data could provide the most value to the client, and then analyzing large data sets to uncover trends and patterns that can give the client a competitive edge.

We will be happy to discuss your SQL programming project or challenge.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

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SQL Programming Chicago
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