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SQL Server Software Development Chicago

apHarmony offers SQL Server software development services.  Our team of database architects and developers will be happy to assist in your next software development project.

Whether you are developing a new application or extending / maintaining existing software, the database is the essential foundation of the project.  The database design and configuration is critical in defining the functionality, maintainability, and extensibility of the software.

The underlying theory of good database design lies in the “Rules of Data Normalization” – a set of principles that define what how good database software is construction.  Data normalization is the process of correctly making relationships between data in the software, and making sure that when updates and changes are later enacted, that small changes will not require a redesign of the entire system.  In addition, proper data normalization will allow more user functionality and prevent artificial limits imposed by the database itself.

Creating a well-design database is essential to the success of the software project, as later changes to the database during development will often result in significant reprogramming of the software.  Since most key parts of the application tie into the database, it’s necessary to create a good structure up-front so that time and money will not need to be wasted during the programming phase of the project.

SQL Server development consists primarily of table, view, and stored procedure development.  Advanced projects can also include custom CLR function development, deployment and automation scripts, and data analytics / warehousing.  With large-scale datasets, SQL optimization is necessary in order to achieve satisfactory performance.  SQL debugging may be necessary to fix complicated issues in the database, and full traces can be done of data accesses in order to isolate problems.  In case of a database failure, custom restores can be performed to bring the database back online and restore as much of the original data as possible.

Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free consultation on your SQL Server software development project.

SQL Server Software Development Chicago
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