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TAPI Custom Programming Chicago

apHarmony offers TAPI custom programming services.  Whether you are looking to build a new TAPI application or maintain and support an existing TAPI system, we will be happy to bring our team to your software project.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free evaluation and quote.

Microsoft’s TAPI brings telephone integration to software systems.  By creating a shared platform for communicating with both phones and PBX systems, TAPI can be leverages for both simple applications such as Click-to-Dial and Call-Popups, to complex systems such as full phone workflow attendants.  As a standard for phone system development on the Windows platform, TAPI is compatible with many of the commercial phone systems, and a centralized codebase can often be easily adapted to a variety of end systems.

The primary application for TAPI computing is in click-to-dial and recognition of incoming calls.  Applications armed with click-to-dial capability can often increase telemarketer performance by 10% due to the lowered barrier to outbound dialing.  Call recognition can similarly improve productivity by automatically pulling up the customer record on call, without requiring the phone room personnel to manually search for a customer record in the system.  This basic automation is the first step to leveraging the phone system API for increased productivity.

More advanced features, however, can provide even greater gains.  TAPI can often provide detailed call reporting statistics, enabling systems to view correlations between telemarketer performance and phone statistics, as well as provide more advanced distribution of calls based on effectiveness and conversion rate.  Call reporting can also be used for analysis of call volume to help in scheduling, and provide customer history for the marketing and sales teams.

apHarmony will be happy to help integrate TAPI into your target application.  Please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522 for a free evaluation and quote.

TAPI Custom Programming Chicago
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