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WPF Custom Software Development Chicago

apHarmony offers experienced WPF custom software development on the Microsoft.NET platform.  Whether the project is maintenance or extensive of an existing application, of developing a new WPF application, apHarmony will be happy to bring our WPF experience to your next software project.

The WPF framework was developed by Microsoft as an ambitious new approach toward control binding and form development.  Instead of sending data to controls on a page, and reading them at specific points in the control loop, the background data structures themselves would be the focal points of the application.

Previously, events were used to trigger functions when certain actions were taken by the user, such as a mouse click, or a key press.  In WPF, the controls are bound directly to the data structures, and the data structures trigger events when data is updated.  For instance, a textbox control can be bound to a table column.  In Windows Forms development, the programmer was required to read and write to the textbox at specific points in the program.  In WPF, the textbox automatically writes and reads from the data structure.  When the data structure is changed, the notification is passed up the message loop, and actions can be taken, such as data storage or program updates.

WPF also present an ambitious change to the control rendering and composition.  Every control can be modified at the sub-control level using the XAML language.  Each control in WPF is written in an XML-like language, and developers can edit low-level features of the controls, such as border color and width, add gradients, and enact a much higher degree of customization than previously available.

Together with all the exciting advancements, WPF also presents a variety of programming challenges.  The new framework must be developed properly in order to achieve good speed and responsiveness; otherwise the application will feel slow and sluggish.  The new data binding format also offers challenges and room for bugs if not developed properly.  An experienced WPF team is necessary for successful execution of the project.

For a free consultation on your WPF software development project, please feel free to give us a call at 630-855-7522.

WPF Custom Software Development Chicago
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