Custom 3D Applications

Advanced 3D Software Engineering;
Custom Render Engines, 3D Research

With a successful track record in developing 3D systems that often require a research-oriented approach and algorithm development, our team can help transform your challenging software vision into reality.

apHarmony has developed a state of the art, high performance 3D rendering engine that can be used for a wide variety of 3D applications. Leverage our experience and toolset on your custom 3D software project.

We offer 3D custom software development services in the following areas:

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Custom 3D Software Development

  • 1
    3D Modeling and Texturing
    Photo-realistic modeling and texturing
  • 2
    3D Pipeline Optimization
    Improve 3D development efficiency with automation
  • 3
    Render Engine Development
    Custom render engines for advanced applications
  • 4
    Real-time Shaders
    Algorithms for beautiful, interactive models
  • 5
    Augmented Reality
    Bringing 3D modeling into the real world
  • 6
    Image Processing
    Algorithmic image manipulation and analysis
  • 7
    Geometric Algorithms
    Custom algorithm-based modeling and transformation
  • 8
    3D User Interface Design
    Intuitive interfaces for easy-to-use applications

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