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Powerful Open-Source Content Management

jsHarmony CMS

Enterprise Content Management Platform

The jsHarmony CMS brings web content to life by making it easy to edit and manage.

The CMS can be used to create new sites, or to easily integrate into existing web sites and web applications.

jsHarmony CMS capabilities include:

Next-Generation Content Editing

  • In-page content editing for 100% realistic, true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • Create your own editable components, such as slideshows, item listings, and videos
  • Convert custom HTML into CMS templates, by just adding a few tag attributes

Integration with Existing Systems

  • Add full-featured CMS capability to existing web applications - SDKs are available for a variety of languages and frameworks
  • Extend the CMS with custom content types, such as Product Catalog Content and Blog Content
  • Use Site Components to dynamically generate sitemaps, .htaccess files, or other custom files at publish time

Version Control and Deployment

  • Group changes to multiple pages and content into Revisions - then review and approve / merge the entire Revision
  • Publish to multiple environments, such as Development, Test, and Production
  • Edit & Preview content directly within the target environment


Consulting / Support Services

For CMS consulting / support services, please fill out the form and we'll be happy to get in touch to help with your content management project.

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