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jsHarmony is a powerful rapid application development platform based on Node.js. Using a model-based architecture, complex database systems can be developed quickly and effectively. Client-side interfaces use a single-page architecture (SPA) and RESTful web services.

Front-end and back-end interfaces are automatically generated based on declarative low-code models. Both front-end and back-end can be fully extended to create custom forms and views. Advanced functionality and patterns are availabile, including two-way Excel integration, hardware interfaces, and offline synchronization.

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jsHarmony Platform Features

  • 1
    Low-Code Development
    Rapid development using model-driven design
    • Automated Web / Mobile UI Generation
    • Automated REST Backend Generation
    • Roles / Privileges
    • SaaS Architecture
    • Advanced Controls - Tree, Image, Multi-drop-down
    • Database Factory
    • Model Inheritance
  • 2
    Enterprise Architecture
    Secure, high-performance web applications
    • Authentication / Authorization
    • Client Portal Framework
    • Reporting Components
    • Menu System
    • Queue Processor
    • Offline Synchronization
    • SPA (Single-Page Applications)
    • Advanced Templating
  • 3
    Database & Systems Integration
    Flexible design for systems integration
    • SQL Server Database Support
    • PostgreSQL Database Support
    • ETL & CSV Processing
    • Automated Job Scheduling
    • Payment Processing
    • Real-time Excel Integration
    • Google API / Maps Integration
    • C# Integration
    • Barcoding & Scanning
    • Advanced Printing
    • Twilio SMS Integration
  • 4
    Deployment & Monitoring
    Scalable, reliable production deployment
    • Linux & Windows Deployment
    • Targeted Environment Configs
    • Continuous-Integration Compatible
    • Cloud hosting, Dedicated, or Virtual
    • Automated Monitoring / Error Reporting
    • Audit Trail
    • System Logs
    • Batch / Shell Framework
    • Client-slide JS Compilation
    • Email: Amazon SES / SMTP

Download jsHarmony

Please fill out the form to download the jsHarmony platform.

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