Machine & Embedded Systems Integration

Software Controllers for
PLCs and Hardware Devices

apHarmony offers reliable and high performance software development for hardware and PLC integration. Leverage our experience in machine integration and embedded systems for industrial automation, quality control, and data acquisition applications.

Our scope of services includes user interface development, network protocol design and PLC / device driver integration for machine integration, and web service / database integration for ERP / MRP / MES back-end systems.

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Machine and Embedded Device Integration

  • 1
    Network Interfaces
    Protocol design for reliable M2M communication
  • 2
    Real-time Computing
    High-performance software design
  • 3
    User Interface Design
    Easy-to-use, configurable machine interfaces
  • 4
    PLC Integration
    Interface with PLCs such as Allen-Bradley
  • 5
    Driver Development
    Custom device driver development
  • 6
    Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    Quality control applications
  • 7
    Data Acquisition
    Interfaces for non-standard protocols and APIs
  • 8
    Industrial Automation
    Automated real-time control systems

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