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Node.js is a powerful development platform and toolset for the JavaScript language. With high performance capability and an extensive ecosystem of open-source packages, Node.js offers a compelling platform for web application development.

Leverage apHarmony's proven Node.js software development and systems architecture experience. We offer consulting and development services in the following areas:

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Node.js Development Services

  • 1
    Security & Deployment Consulting
    Node.js production deployment services
    • Security Architecture Consulting
    • Vulnerability Testing
    • Cryptography
    • Licensing Review
    • Linux & Windows Deployment Consulting
    • Apache / NGINX Pass-through Server
    • HTTP Protocol / Host-Header Names
    • Service Setup and Security
  • 2
    Web Application Development
    High-performance web applications
    • Software Architecture Consulting
    • Web Application Development
    • Web Services (REST / SOAP / Custom)
    • Hybrid Mobile Apps
    • Express.js
    • SPA (Single-Page Applications)
    • Advanced Templating
    • Client-slide JS Compilation
  • 3
    Database & Systems Integration
    High-volume data processing services
    • SQL Server Integration
    • MongoDB Integration
    • ETL & CSV Processing
    • Automated Job Scheduling
    • Phantom.js Integration
    • Reporting Components & PDF Integration
    • Google API Integration
    • C# Integration
    • Real-time Excel Integration
    • Barcoding & Scanning
  • 4
    Software Engineering
    Advanced engineering solutions
    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Asynchronous Design Patterns
    • Graphics processing
    • File processing
    • Compression
    • Email + SMS
    • Batch / Shell Applications
    • Development Environment and Toolchains
    • Compiler / Interpreter Development
    • Offline Data Synchronization

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