User Interface Development

Software automation and PLC integration

Whether you are looking to create an interface layer for a machine, hardware device, or another software application, apHarmony has the technical knowledge and experience to develop a reliable and easy-to-use solution for your project.

Our capabilities include both hardware and network-level interface development, as well as software automation to simplify existing application interfaces. Improved user interfaces can both reduce errors and improve adherance to best practices and procedures.

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Custom User Interface Development

  • 1
    User-friendly Interface
    Branded, easy-to-use interface overlays
  • 2
    Software Automation
    Perform background actions on other applications
  • 3
    PLC Integration
    Interface with PLCs such as Allen-Bradley
  • 4
    Hardware Device Integration
    Integrate with custom embedded devices
  • 5
    Bidirectional Communication
    Facilitate data acquisition and control
  • 6
    Network & Database Integration
    Store results in a database or network file system
  • 7
    Flexible Configuration
    Configure settings per installation via an XML file
  • 8
    Reliability / Testing
    Robust testing methodology for reliable deployment

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